Bose L1 Accessories

Bose B1 Bass ModuleB1 bass module

This compact, powerful bass enclosure delivers the depth and impact of such instruments as bass guitars, drums, and low voices. Low-pitched wind or string instruments, guitars and keyboards can also benefit from the additional low-end output the B1 provides. Includes cable to connect module to power stand and slip cover. The B1 can be used individually or in pairs with the L1 Model 1S, L1 Model II, or A1 PackLite Amplifier.

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Bose B2 Bass ModuleB2 bass module

The B2 bass module delivers the most low-frequency output for L1™ system users who need more powerful bass for larger audiences. The rugged enclosure encases two 10-inch high-excursion woofers.

A switch on the rear panel offers the flexibility of three output levels, depending on application or preference. The L1 system automatically senses and equalizes the chosen setting for optimized performance. The normal setting is ideal for bass guitar or when miking a kick drum. A higher setting is designed for DJ/music playback applications. And the lower setting works well for acoustic guitar and vocals.

Interlocking end caps allow two B2 bass modules to be stacked together. Included slip cover protects the module from dings and scratches during transport. The B1 can be used with the L1 Model 1S, L1 Model II, or A1 PackLite Amplifier.

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T1 ToneMatch Audio EngineT1 ToneMatch® audio engine

  • Digital multichannel mixer designed for use with Bose® L1® sound systems
  • Features over 100 proprietary ToneMatch presets for instruments and microphones
  • Includes Bose zEQ, storable scenes and a suite of studio-class effects
  • Presets and firmware updates available free online

Powerful multichannel sound tools for Bose L1 systems, with controls so advanced they adapt to you and your instrument. Four-channel engine features proprietary ToneMatch presets, intelligent zEQ and a large suite of professional-quality effects and processors.

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Bose A1 PackLite AmplifierPackLite power amplifier Model A1

Designed for instruments that require additional headroom and increased output in the deep bass range, such as electric bass, bass drum and high output playback of dance music. The PackLite power amplifier can power up to two additional B1 bass modules or one additional B2 bass module.

PackLite power amplifier comes with one 1/4″ TRS cable and a nylon carry pouch. It is compatible with the L1® Model II system and L1® Model 1S system.

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