Bose L1 Accessories

Bose B1 Bass ModuleB1 Bass Module

A thing of the past, but still sounds GREAT if you can find one second-hand.  Still perfectly suitable for the original Bose L1 systems.


B2 Bass Module

No longer produced.  The B2 sub from Bose came about when bands and DJs wanted a bit more bass than a pair of the original B1 subs could manage.

Obsolete but still a very viable subwoofer if you have an older L1 Model II, or L1 1s.  The B2 subwoofer still comes up for sale second-hand on TradeMe.


T1 ToneMatch Audio EngineT1 ToneMatch® audio engine

The original T1 Tonematch mixer had it’s place and while it’s no longer made, it’s still a great basic MONO mixer for the Bose system.

Not as easy to spot potential faults in these compared to the B1 or B2 subwoofers.

If you’re after one, consider going with a newer T4s Tonematch instead.

Bose A1 PackLite Amplifier

PackLite Power Amplifier Model A1

The Packlite A1 amplifier was originally made to pair with the B1 or B2 subwoofers when you needed more punch from your L1 system.

No longer produced although there are still plenty around, some retailers still list new stock available.


Since the introduction of the L1 Pro range with the active Sub1 and Sub2 options, there’s really no need for the older Packlite and B1/B2 subs.