Bose S1 Pro+ with Sub1 Combination


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Released in 2023, the S1 Pro+ (plus) is already such a versatile speaker; so portable, yet powerful.

But sometimes you need to kick it up a notch.  Not every show or event, just now and then.  You could buy and carry a much bigger speaker system for those occasions, such as the L1 Pro8.

Or – own a super useful battery-powered pro speaker and just add a compact active subwoofer for those rooms that need it, when you need it, if you need it.

Add the active Bose Pro Sub1 for clean, suitably matched bottom-end bass, while the high pass output connects directly to the S1 Pro+ (Plus).


  • How many watts is the Bose Sub1?

    How many watts is the Bose Sub1?

    The simple answer is 480 watts. But that doesn’t really tell you anything important, like how LOUD is it?  Will it be loud enough for you to be used for specific venues or music or events?

    Take a look at a more in depth answer based on decibels and how that is important.

    How many wats is the Sub1?  Read more here

    How many watts is the Bose Sub1?

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