Stereo L1 Pro32 with Sub2 dual set up

Dual or stereo Pro32 setup with 2 x Pro32, 2 x Sub2 in one package.  More power, wider dispersion, and “stereo sound” for those that just can’t get their head around using a single speaker.


The 180 degree sound dispersion on the new Bose Pro32 means it covers a wide space already.

But sometimes you just need more.  Maybe the room demands more.  Sometimes it’s a bigger crowd than usual, or you just believe in old fashioned stereo.

The Rich Audio Dual L1 Pro32/Sub2 package is the “small big sound”.  Spread the L1 Pro32, stack the Sub2 in cardioid mode, and fill the room with sound, yet carry the system by hand in two trips (or even one trip if you’re clever).