How many watts is the Bose Sub1?

The Bose Sub1 is rated at 480 watts, but as with all sound systems, that’s just a number.  It may not really help you work out if this is big enough, loud enough, or powerful enough for your events.

The numbers that are arguably far more important are decibels, or dB for short.

The Bose Sub1 is rated at 118 dB continuous, and 124 dB peak. Continuous dB is the one you probably should care about.

When a jet flies overhead, you can hear the engine.  It’s loud but we don’t talk about how many watts the engine noise is, we measure it in decibels.

Depending on the type of jet, a jet engine is approximately 150 dB at a distance of 30 metres.  Nobody talks about how many watts the sound of a passing train is (it’s about 110 dB).

And of course, “how loud it is” depends on the size of the room and how far away from the subwoofer you are.

Read more about the volume, dB and specs of the Sub1 compared to other Bose Pro audio on the unofficial Bose Pro Wiki here.

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How many watts is the Bose Sub1?

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