Bose L1 Pro32 review – a live musician shares

Bose L1 Pro32 review – a live musician shares

There’s nothing like a review from a Bose L1 Pro32 owner that ACTUALLY owns it.  As in, they bought it with their own money from a retailer.  It wasn’t given to them in exchange for a review, positive, or otherwise.

The system played clean as country water and interacted nicely with my pedalboard. The combination of the racetrack subwoofer and the 32 neodymium 2 inch drivers offered a consistent ear pleasing sound.

This review really is something else, because while it was alright on the night, there was a flaw, or bug, or fault, something just wasn’t working beforehand.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the name of the reviewer, he’s a retired professor at the University of Iowa, and musician.

Read the L1 Pro32 review here.



Bose L1 Pro32 review

Bose L1 Pro32 review

The L1 Pro32 would a great system for mobile DJs. Even with one Sub2 the system is loud (128dB) if you turn it up and the sound quality seems made for modern urban electronic music.

…it throws wide and deep with good bass and a sizzling top end. It sounds great for music playback and bands or performers that don’t need balls-out rock ’n’ roll sound pressure levels.

AudioTechnology” is a respected and long-running Australian publication full of reviews of professional audio gear along with articles, news and interviews from all over the industry.

Take a look at what an experienced reviewer has to say about the Pro32 with Sub2, including in a live venue environment with a band.  He has it set up next to a traditional outdoor audio system with W-bin subwoofers.


Bose Pro32 Portable Line Array


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