Bose L1 Pro32 (no sub)


Huge sound from a super compact portable sound system.

At around 13kg, this is so easy to transport – even easier with the optional system bag But despite the minimal size, this has enough power for large crowds, big rooms, and huge parties.  

The L1 Pro32 will work fine on its own although as it has no woofer of any kind, it will lack bass.  Any subwoofer connected via the line output, however the L1 Pro32 is designed to work best with the Bose Sub1 or Sub2.

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The Bose L1 Pro32 is available as a stand-alone system without the Sub1 or Sub2.

  • True 180-degree sound dispersion
  • Bluetooth audio
  • Remote app compatible
  • 3 channel mixer
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Easy to transport all in one piece using the system carry bag (sold separately)


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