L1 Pro8, Pro16 and Pro32

The new Bose L1 Pro range available in New Zealand

Released in early 2021 here in New Zealand, the Bose Pro range is lighter, more powerful and even more versatile than anything else we’ve seen so far in Bose Professional range.


The new Pro8, Pro16 and Pro32 take things to a new level.


  • Legendary 180-degree horizontal coverage
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Optimised subwoofers with slim racetrack drivers
  • Wireless mixer control via L1 mix app
  • More portable, yet more powerful

Bose Pro32

L1 Pro32+Sub1

the most advanced L1 ever

Learn more about the L1 Pro32 with Sub1 »

  • The big room system
  • Wireless mixer app compatible
  • Incredibly compact footprint
  • Single cable Sub1 connection

L1 Pro32+Sub1

L1 Pro8

the most portable L1 Pro

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  • Designed for audiences
    up to 100
  • Built-in racetrack subwoofer
  • Wireless control via Bose mixer app

Bose L1 Pro8

L1 Pro16

the power + portability balance

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  • Designed for audiences up to 300
  • Racetrack subwoofer
  • Wireless mixer app
  • 180 degrees of sound

Bose L1 Pro16

L1 Pro32+Sub2

the most advanced L1 ever

Learn more about the L1 Pro32 »

  • As much power as an F1 812
  • Wireless mixer app compatible
  • Add 2nd sub for more bass
  • Tiny footprint, huge sound

L1 Pro32+Sub2

Get the most advanced portable Bose Professional systems from Nick Logan at Rich Audio, New Zealand.

I have been working as a DJ for over 20 years in bars, nightclubs, at weddings, corporate events and even concerts with international acts.

I’ve used the Bose L1 Model I and Model II, L1 Model 1s, Bose Compact,  L1 Classic, S1 Pro, or the F1 812 and subs since 2007.  The new L1 Pro range is a game changer!  Let’s talk and see which Bose combination will work best for your needs.