Bose Pro Sub1 (single subwoofer)


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The new active subwoofer designed for the Bose Pro32, but of course is a logical as-needed upgrade to the L1 Pro8 or L1 Pro32.

Perfect add-on for the S1 Pro, or any PA speaker system.

Sub1 Specs

LF Driver Size: 7″ x 13″
Total Power: 480W
Inputs: 2 x XLR-1/4″ combo
Outputs: 2 x XLR, SubMatch (thru)
Height: 53.1cm
Width: 24.9cm
Depth: 53.1cm
Weight: 16.1 kg

  • Does the Bose L1 have a subwoofer?

    YES!  The Bose L1 Pro range has a subwoofer.  Depending on which model, the subwoofer is either built into the power stand, or a separate active sub (the Sub1 or Sub2).

    Take a look at the differences and what the unique subwoofer design looks like.  Read more here.



  • Can I run a Sub1 and Sub2 together?

    Yes, no problem at all.  Cosmetically a pair of Sub1 or Sub2 together look and stack better, and you can use proper cardioid mode with a matched pair.

    But there’s no reason why you can’t run a Sub1 and Sub2 together, and of course it will connect directly to an L1Pro32.  You’ll need an extra SubMatch cable though!


  • How many watts is the Bose Sub1?

    How many watts is the Bose Sub1?

    The simple answer is 480 watts. But that doesn’t really tell you anything important, like how LOUD is it?  Will it be loud enough for you to be used for specific venues or music or events?

    Take a look at a more in depth answer based on decibels and how that is important.

    How many wats is the Sub1?  Read more here

    How many watts is the Bose Sub1?

  • Can I connect Sub1 or Sub2 with a Pro8 or Pro16?

    The simple answer: YES.

    How?  I recommend running into the sub then out to the Pro8 or Pro16 (or any other active speaker, to be honest).

    1. Connect your source (DJ controller, mixer, etc) to the Sub1/Sub2 via the line input 1 and/or 2.
    2. Connect XLR from line out 1 and/or 2, to jack (6.3mm) line input.

    The Sub1/Sub2 Level Control does not affect the Line Outputs.  The advantage here is you can adjust the subwoofer volume without affecting the rest of the system.

    A real-world use for this might be during the earlier part of a wedding reception, you can have the sub turned down to almost zero, leaving the Pro8 or Pro16 to do all the work (dinner music, speeches etc).  Then as your party picks up, you can turn the sub up through the night for extra “kick” when required.

    Be aware – the Sub2 (and to a lesser degree the SUb1) can easily overpower the Pro16 and definitely the Pro8.  


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