The Bose Effect: “win by association”

Here’s something that you won’t see on any official Bose website.​

Bose markets their name carefully and as a result “Bose” is a recognised brand.  They make home audio like sound bars, home theatre, noise cancelling headphones and earbuds, and back in the day they had that amazing sounding clock radio – among other things.

How does this help you?

Bose is recognised as a quality audio label. The Bose Effect.  You didn’t have to do anything, Bose did all the work for you already and you win just by association.

I was setting up at a wedding venue with an original Bose L1 Model 1 many years ago. One of the staff saw the unusual looking “stick” and came for a closer look.  Upon seeing the little brand badge, he said “Oh.  It’s Bose!  They always sound good.”…. and then after a little pause he added “You must be a good dj!”.  Their words not mine, and I’ll take it.  This was before I’d even put any music on!

Nick Logan – Auckland-based wedding + corporate event DJ

That quote sums it up.  Bose has already done the marketing so everyday non-audio folks know their brand is good and can be trusted, and it doesn’t matter if your audience knows anything about sound or not.

Would the average or majority of an audience at a wedding or corporate event recognise other pro audio labels such as Rane, EV, Yorkville, QSC, HK, or Mackie?  Even if they have heard of the brand, perhaps a more household name like JBL or Pioneer, only Bose has years of marketing history telling the world how amazing the brand sounds, how quiet the noise cancelling headphones are, how crisp and clear the home audio is, and so on.

If “beauty is in the eye of the beholder“, then the quality of the Bose home audio range really comes down the ear of the beholder.  Even if someone tried to argue that better-sounding PA systems exist other than the Bose L1, there are none with a brand name as broadly recognised as the Bose name.

Clothing and shoe labels, alcohol and beverage manufacturers, and even other electronic companies pay billions to associate their brands with celebrities and sports stars.  Rugby games improve because of the boots, nightlife is more fun because of the clothing, and even a teeny tiny hangover is worth it because the guy from that Hollywood or those rap videos drinks the same bottle. Similarly, The Bose Effect is real.  Bose has done the marketing, and Bose has the brand recognition.  Why not use that to your advantage?

And of course, it’s not just the brand.  The Bose Pro systems are lightweight, easy to transport and store, easy to set up and sound great.  And – guests assume you’re a better entertainer.  Isn’t that the goal?


Experience the unofficial Bose Effect with your official Bose Pro audio.  Call or email, tell me about your current setup up and see how we can help.

The Bose Effect win by association

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