Bose L1 Pro16 Party Pack


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Professional L1 Pro16 Party Pack

  • 2 x Bose L1 Pro16
  • 2 x Pro16 Rollerbags
  • 1 x T4s Tonematch Digital Mixer
  • 2 x Bose Tonematch Cables
  • Delivered to your door!

Run a pair of L1 Pro16 systems from a single T4s Tonematch mixer.  The mixer is powered directly from the speaker using the included Tonematch Ethercon cables – no need for an additional power supply.

Special package price available for a limited time.

L1 Party Pack is perfect for DJs or bands, or even a more permanent set-up in venues, community halls, churches and schools.

  • Does the Bose L1 have a subwoofer?

    YES!  The Bose L1 Pro range has a subwoofer.  Depending on which model, the subwoofer is either built into the power stand, or a separate active sub (the Sub1 or Sub2).

    Take a look at the differences and what the unique subwoofer design looks like.  Read more here.



  • How many watts is the Bose L1 Pro16?

    How many watts is the Bose L1 Pro16?

    Simple answer: 1250 watts.

    But there’s more to it, of course.  Watts is only a measurement, a number that doesn’t really tell you what you need to know.

    Read the full article here about how loud the L1 Pro16 is and how big of a crowd it can be used for.