Stereo S1 Pro+ with Dual Sub1 Combo

Stereo Bose S1 Pro+ with dual Sub1 combo, including speaker poles and subwoofer travel bags


All the features of the S1 Pro+ with that extra kick from the Sub1, but in stereo!

Pack contains:

  • Two x S1 Pro+ speakers
  • Two x Bose S1 subwoofers
  • Two x Bose speaker/sub pole mount
  • 2 x Sub1 rollerbags
  • IEC power cables

The S1 Pro+ combined with a Sub1 subwoofer completely changes the way you can use the speaker.  An already awesome portable speaker suddenly has an entirely new range of applications.  Bigger rooms, bigger audience, bigger sound.  And why stop at just one when you can do it in stereo?

Bose S1 Pro+ features:

  • Battery or mains power
  • Smart EQ based on the physical position of S1 Pro+
  • Lightweight and incredibly portable
  • 3 input channels with built-in mixer
  • Wireless control via app
  • Bluetooth
  • Wireless receivers built in (XLR or JACK transmitter units not included)

Bose Sub1 features

  • Perfect compact add-on to any PA
  • Works with any of the Bose L1 Pro or Bose S1 Pro, S1 Pro+, or L1 Compact units
  • 13×7″ RaceTrack subwoofer, equivalent to a traditional 12″ driver
  • Runs as low as 40Hz
  • 480W Class-D amplifier
  • How many watts is the Bose Sub1?

    How many watts is the Bose Sub1?

    The simple answer is 480 watts. But that doesn’t really tell you anything important, like how LOUD is it?  Will it be loud enough for you to be used for specific venues or music or events?

    Take a look at a more in depth answer based on decibels and how that is important.

    How many wats is the Sub1?  Read more here

    How many watts is the Bose Sub1?