Bose L1 Pro16 with Sub1

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Bose L1 Pro16.

Super portable considering what it’s capable of putting out.

More than enough power for many bands, DJs, small venues, churches, schools or wedding and function venues.  

  • 3-channel mixer built in
  • App remote via iOS or Android
  • Bluetooth built in
  • Bass/Treble EQ on all 3 inputs
  • Adjustable reverb on ch 1 and 2


Volume.  How loud is the Bose L1 Pro16

The most commonly referred to figure is “watts”.  Watts is a measurement of power, but when you get more benefit knowing how loud it actually is.

Bose list the L1 Pro16 as 1250 watts.

118 dB SPL continuous (124 db SPL peak) output


Bose L1 Pro16 portable column array with Bluetooth.